Saving something Valuable

When religion is discussed today, typically, people do not seek true discussion.  Evolution boils waters with the God fearing, others may see the undue stress nearing their minds and escape luckily on an agreed stalemate. If progress be looking down upon the philosophers; however, they may find new ideas firing up the conversation like a locomotive.

Within these three instances, only one conversation held something valuable. It potentially was gaining on a rare path to pricelessness.

Priceless conversations have shaped our world. Conversing about mathematics, medicine, flight, the wheel, Ford’s assembly line, philosophers discussing the atom millenea before humans created the tech to detect it, and human discovery has been shared to benefit the species since we spawned social communication forever ago.

We survive comfortably today and would rather avoid talking in mass public areas. Have we talked too much, or are there too many strangers smuggling too many unknown variables?  And – don’t forget the thousands of fragments of disconnected information thrashing about our already taxed minds. “Adapt or die” is every species’ genetic algorithym(s).

Without  delving too deep into religion – let’s consider the time when religion was survival.  To slow the concept of what may be a conflict of semantics for many, there was once no religion, but similar values were taking form. Superstitions were adopted. Simply being thankful for another day of survival caused us to first ritualize tactics and technique. Then….a day came when a hunter jealously guarded his obsidian spear head because the tribe reveared him due to his high kill rate. He began to believe the black rock was of mystical origin.  He begins to think that the black rock has given him power. He begins to, in a sense, worship the rock. He imagines that it could be pleased or discontent….so, he does things he thinks will please it.

One day, the other hunters gather around to touch the sacred obsidian. One hunter notices the jagged glass edges and hold his shale spearhead next to it. The obsidian is solid to the point that his shale head shatters because he was not remotely aware grazing the two heads would have such a profound effect.

There is no doubt now, Gwar’s black glass is magical.  Gwar now leads the tribe and an older warrior tells about the glass whisped into shards by the breath of fire Gods in a land far away.

Survival in excess is ultimately what both began and steered this idea. Molded by the clan, they nodded in awe because it was an unknown material to them.

Is obsidian magical?

Hell yes, if 10k years ago you posessed the only piece in the land.

This simple idea of superstition may sound insane today. Sure. Now, why.

Meditate on this. You can’t say that you wouldnt join the group think. Its actually highly probable.

….to be continued.


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