What is a Thought?

What is a thought?

Art by Alex Grey

At a glance, I see a few options (I dare not go much further on this one):

I could issue a palliative, and slip away.  I could begin my ascent with discussing several potentialities.  I could work on simplicity to extrapolate some form of explanatory measure.

For time’s sake, I’ll take door 3.

Firstly, for this purpose, I would hold that function is necessary to define.  I’ll work in terms of verb and noun in light of keeping it simple…


Noun – i) A manifestation of sensory interpretation.

ii) An Induction.

Verb – An act of intrinsic projection.


A little further – What is worth thinking?  Thinking is worthy of thinking. Thinking is a form of concentration. In turn…not thinking (Zen “no mind” philosophy) requires concentration, as well.  This is action in inaction.

In conclusion, focus is the very ground that thought is built upon.  As, focus is a constant of the human condition. Focus may be honed or blunted…impulsive, emotional…erratic. It may be a weapon, a tool, harnessed, or feral. Focus may take you everywhere to dream on everything. It may also take you nowhere in the name of expedition.

What’s worth thinking?

Let’s, uh, think about it. It is your reality. Turn the question to yourself, and answer to yourself – Without holding audience.  And that… may be just worth thinking.



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