The Heliocentric Catalyst



We’re all catalysts. Spinning around and bouncing off of each other. What we do with, and to, each other has meaning. Just as two cosmic material bodies colliding has meaning. As conscious beings, our ‘collisions’ travel a much different space, path, and belong to destinies on a much different course than mere materialism.

The meaning…no…the means of meaning, are left to interpretation of those observing.

In my experience, we’re all fragments of a great mystery, and, pieces of the same puzzle.

A catalyst, according to me, is a kind of self aware piece amidst the others. To understand our place is a matter of introspection, and to approach the puzzle board with a consistently shaped honesty in order to lend missing fragments (the size of a grain of sand, a small rocky moon, or even the mass of a sun) …to our fellow pieces. We all do this in our own ways…

…and this, to me, is true beauty.

Shine like a sun.  Forever, shine on…

Shine down upon the broken until our divisions become one…



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