Divine Magicians and The New Gods

It is far more important to understand art than it is to visually embrace it.  Understanding is a path that may lead into our hearts…

A Brave New World, indeed…


Man of Steel



March 5, 2013 · 00:23

3 responses to “Divine Magicians and The New Gods

  1. Hey Catalyst…It’s me Charlie Zero…why haven’t you’ve been writing? I tried writing to you here…is everything okay?

    ~Charlie Z

  2. Yeah, good to see you! I just find myself multitasking like a maniac when I do hop on the net. I miss a few things here and there. You should hit up my philosophy group on face book: https://www.facebook.com/groups/philosophersgambit/ I’m usually in there – I only come here to post blogs, really…

    • Cool. :)

      Well, unfortunately I left facebook a long time ago now. I no longer social network. I only blog now and here and there twitte on twitter. I wish I can be there with you and join your group but I’m out. I’ve been posting here and there poetry. I miss writing poetry and that’s what I’m doing now. :)

      If I ever decided to want to return to facebook…I’ll let you know for sure. :)
      Say, have you spoken to (Bob)?

      ~Charlie Z

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