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Richard Dawkins once herded a few cats. Paving a road to hell with good Intent…

His call fell deaf on one species.


Depending on the continent (in some cases – continental region) it is known by different visual aspects, and, by various names.

In my region – North America, it is known as the cougar, or, “mountain lion.” However, in Southern-most regions of North America (Namely, Florida), the same species feline wears a black coat – and is called by “Panther.”

Further down…into the South American continental region, another variation of the same species is camouflaged with large black shapes against a jungle spotted with sunlight peeking through the rich Jungle canopy. This is the territory of the stealthy Jaguar. The Panther hails from this rain forest, too. Interestingly, in the sunlight, a keen eye will see Jaguar markings in a Panther’s night black coat.

This apex predator is also the “Puma.”

Why recycle Dawkins tired “cat” analogy? Because originality is commended, but as we find ourselves in the depths of middle history – redefinition is genius.

Dawkins had a great idea when he campaigned “herding the cats.” For those who are unfamiliar with this event, a little background is necessary.

Richard Dawkins is a renowned atheist advocate with a penetrating perspective supported by an apparatus of knowledge attained through a wealth of education decorated by doctoral authority in the field of evolutionary biology.

Dr. Dawkins ‘herding the cats’ campaign was a call to atheists, agnostics, and anti-theists alike.

This was a call for a stand against the religiously dominated cultural landscapes shaping modern civilization. The cat metaphor aptly symbolized the non-religious character because, questioning the clambering of the lumbering masses (religious majority) resembled the independent nature of the feline.

I thought the idea inspiring at the time. On paper, the idea sounded like a brushstroke of a visionary. In contrast, the idea yielded an intellectual crop that paralleled behavioral patterns of a wolf pack. This movement intended to strike at a cultural paradigm front with an equally offensive fire that only resulted in texturing an environment serving as the battlefield where worldviews dealt killing blows. Clashes rang out from wielding what amounted to conceit for both sides.

History grants us an immeasurable wisdom constructed by the pioneers who dared to eat deadly fruit, sail beyond the horizons were once feared to mark the end of our cube shaped earth, and explore the frozen limitation atop each end the earth’s axis.

As the wise historians before me, rather than mumbling condemning judgment – I see a trial of our social condition as a species. In this light, I call out to the cats, but only to those that have the traits of the tanned, black, and spotted apex masters that have evolved to walk silently across high mountain rocked ridge, shadow desert plains, and the dense jungle foliage where local shamans revere them as gods.


I ask for audience with those who dared to walk out…

This is the lone warrior who has turned weakness into advantage, and, in turn, obfuscates the concept of evolutionary progress with perfect design. This transcontinental species, as the homo sapien, displays optimal adaptation respective to a vast spectrum of different environments. There is no herding this brand of survivor because this animal is the omega of social distinction. Whether outcasted, outwitting, or out-following, this brand of sentience strides as a lone king with the nobility to lead.

Religions fail…atheism; weakened by confident conceit. Only through humility, abstraction, and firing the forge of creativity is the genius of imagination unfolded – And the tale of potential unbounded.

Are you my kind of cat? ;)



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3 responses to “The Catalyst Collective

  1. Smiles

    MeOw, with our being a blunderbird from near day one and now founder of the CaliCoCoCatholistic Church of the Cultureal Creative sporting the CANaDI*N CureALL by providing one and all with the Stretch N B Well philosophy of life,
    having ran like a Panther and danced with nuff AtOm Cats in my life, to even start up the Church of the Laughing MUMS, because if she ain’t laughing, there’s hell to pay. So far we have received a healThy world round of laughter and offers for Pope, Rabbi, Priest, Pastor, Minister, Vicar and Parson, Guess a few Parishioners wouldn’t hurt. . but that gets to be work and there isn’t a cat on earth who is into working for a living that I know of .
    We have our Kiku-E Chimo Creed N Duck DisASter COde to cover just about any give and since the bible is a book of tales told years after the fact we sat our selves down and began to do our PENance, which have left us with a stack of Big Black Sketch Books upside down and backward all naturally writ while in flow and flying by the seat of our pants and playing it by ear on burning off the rethoric.
    a painting of thoughts, a play with words, a T ease of purrceptions. . .
    hey, we ya kind of folk or do we go back to playing with our feathers. .
    and marbles and walk was so nice, think I’ll go for another one. . |
    CATch you later. Smiles

  2. This piece felt good to write…

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