Corridor of Intrinsia and a Fiction of Love

The corridors option east, left, north, and right. 

Openings into my shadow walk the winding lines.

I wield heavy heart and steely belief against each beggar bully.

Snap my tongue at each twisting end.

Here I wager the still blue peace for a broken  vain lie.

Anger toxifies the cells in my blood – Struck dumb…I am blind.

Stumbling and sinking slowly; I wander in.

Wandering, Im wondering swim backward toward the deep.

Trespasses among my guilty ties, the world on its axis endures countless mechanical tremor.

Caught the eye of a seer’s haunting vision; corruption authors its ruin as it is alldiametrically torn.

Villain defined by the hero as each action equals the opposite born.

A chasm swallowing each point of dark burden and the fine lines of genius of light’s fractal shine.

Reflection dance atop deep clear pools revealing illusions spun on the falsehoods of of time.

Eternally now and whisper the silk spun riddle silences that have weathered towering giants and new hatches of ants breeding…

Foes burn until dust. Lengthy days draw the snapping mouths of chemical rust.

Changes reveal a state of the constant. Tense… awake and hesitant.

Wake and move in to clutch her from plasticity.

Searchs on the legend of a purity…distant echoes in you and me.

He once saw her soul – radiation of countless galactic suns.

Without her, a refracted prism of a fraction…

Within her, the completion…
Of his one.


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