Teach Your Children Well


Every child – a bare canvas.  Every generation engaged in a technological advance.  Worlds of information at their fingertips.  The future has tiny hands that will change current events.  The youth is a national treasure that should be groomed of pop culture.  Disneyland, myths, and McDonalds stray the child from foundations of necessary knowledge.  Fun no longer is a game of chess.  Instead, they’re eating immortal slime in the play palace.


Children are ripe for balanced discipline and love, born with a curiosity that challenges the world.  They will ask questions bearing answers that may defy your words.  This is the sacred passage of their birth.  Their  great minds primed for information and forge understandings by the fires of their imagination.  If you choose to act, beware of each developmental stage…Understand your limitations if you are their sage.


Why fill their heads with empty picture shows?  Ancient tales of fat generous men, busy rabbits, or gods that can’t be seen, yet hold together everything?  Instead, plant the genius seed – ask them what they think.  Their answers may soon exceed yours.  Give freely, lifts to their confidence.  It will dress them in power.  Give them tools that work and build their intellect.  Instead of playing “Airplane,” work on a thinking project.


Build a code to be passed down.  Evolve the species.  Grasp up the torch and teach.  Brother, parent, aunt, older friend – be their wit beyond you, there’s always room to teach a thing or two.  Resist the pangs of pride when they school you – as…it’s a give and take world where all people need each new skill.  They may also lend a hand to climb each new hill.


Never forget to focus on kindness to all beings with respect for the world’s ecosystems…

among other various environmental themes…

or you may be sent to a nursing home

by their own financial  means…



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3 responses to “Teach Your Children Well

  1. Very nice…and darkly humourous!

  2. Anonymous

    Heads up! I’ve been pimping your blog. You should be getting some new visitors. Be nice, but not too nice. Whatever! lol

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