Cognitive Operandi


Each new generation is planted in an entirely new landscape than their predecessors, yet old institutions of socialization remain.  One social institution, in particular, is that of our education system.  Schooling should be given the utmost thought and care.  This is the seeding of an entire society.  What we teach our children will either yield the tools for their success or may end in confused rebellion.

From the beginning, information is fractured.  That is, there is no continuity to it.  The children are taught language and mathematics, but not the reason they need to learn it.  This was the problem I personally encountered when I was younger.  I felt pushed, segregated, and funneled into various categorized processes as if I were a product on a conveyor belt in factory.  Rarely does the average child see the big picture.  It is more likely that they will feel the push, witness the segregation, and tumble through the funnel.  No one took the time to explain why this fractional information was important to learn.  I became numbed to their processes, and even resisted it.  Things could have happened differently, in my opinion.

Learning is an essential component of one’s growth and development.  There is no doubt that our species understands this idea.  However, the approach remains callous and uncorrected.  Children today are generally uninspired and confused.  The primary issue here is that children are told what to learn – and not allowed to choose his/her subject.  This is force, not guidance.  So, the child is taught to spell, write, add, subtract, and, all at an arm’s length from their personal growth.  Honestly, I attended school because I was forced to.  When I did complete my homework, it was due to a limited number of reasons – typically linked to negative repercussions or positive repercussions.  In effect, my early stages of learning were based on a punishment/reward system.  I did not take interest in learning until I was allowed to choose the subjects I studied.

College provided the arena for me to expand as I should have in the beginning.  Basic education and college are worlds apart in this respect.  I began a genuine learning process far too late.  The inspiration I developed for learning should have, and could have, been fostered as early as grade school.  Had I been allowed to choose what I wished to study, or rather, had I been shown what, and all, there was to study – allowed to dabble in all subjects, there wouldn’t be enough hours in the learning day.  Instead of interpreting fractured bytes of information, complete bodies of knowledge would be presented to me.  This would not only have inspired me, but harnessed my potential.


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