Allegory of the Cerebral Cave

Politics. Religion.  Beliefs.  These are all components of topics I write on, if not the topics themselves.  A good question to ask is “why?”  Why do I write on these subjects?  There is good reason these conversation pieces are forbidden at the dinner table.  Beliefs mark the parameters of one’s mental blueprint.  That is, beliefs are the vehicles used to navigate our comprehension of both social and personal reality.

It could be argued that a belief is not much more than a wager.  Strangely enough, this wager liberates the mind – but, only to various degrees.  This leap of faith lends to the structure of our mental framework.  A stair must first be conceptualized before the climbing may proceed.  It is not conceivable that a person can operate without holding certain prejudices pertaining to reality.  Some choose apathy over understanding the implications concerning these crucial observations.  The choice made to write on controversial topics does not extend from a personal conceit.  I do not think I possess some ultimate perception that governs truth.  Rather, I feel that social paradigms need agitation.  This is my personal belief.

As with argument, I feel that intellectual conflict facilitates communication.  Effective communication stimulates clarity within the collective.  All too often, people settle on the convenience of a belief.  Unfortunately, this behavior breeds stagnation.  I find myself in shock at times when I confront someone’s belief only to watch them desperately cling to it without a shred of rational thought.  I can sympathize with a person that has grown old with a particular set of conceptual schemes.  Their neural pathways are reaching solidification.  There is no known cure for this aside from prevention.  Children are naturally open to fluid belief structures because they are engaged in the process of framing, for the first time, this mental construction.  They seek pieces of understanding to map onto a working dynamic, as their elders did before them.  Older people do not easily correct, whereas, the youth are resilient.  The complication arises; however, when stagnant paradigms are taught to new generations.

Socialization often creates generational cycles within a culture.  These cycles can be progressive, regressive, stagnant, or destructive in nature.  Religious and political ideologies have rarely shown to be progressive.  Only after experiencing a critical mass, does a society seek out resolutions to ratify change in these areas.  Only when groups rise to confront systemic ideology can critical mass be  reached.  Sadly, war has often resulted in the past.  Why?  War is also the result of a belief paradigm – the belief that it provides a solution.  Though, war practiced in defense is the only justifiable means of an acceptable end.   Rarely do small militaries practice offense by attack larger advanced forces.  This only happens out of extreme conceit, stupidity, and/or insanity.  There is always a motivational belief structure at the helm in all cases.  Some ideas are viral, and quickly consume the whole.

The average individual is commonly rendered helpless by massive social movements.  They conform through fear and feel they must pick sides on the battlefield.  Wait…they don’t pick sides at all, do they?  Their allegiance is predestined in correlation with physical location.  Billions of people have signed over their voice during times of war because choice was not evident.

It is my contention that until power is restored to the individual, authentic choice will always elude them.  Some think that discussing these systemic ideologies is a futile, misdirected, and useless aim.  “Leave people alone with their personal beliefs and let them have their freedom.”  From my perspective, liberation is the idea…and it is necessary for real change.  As thought the “Philosopher” of Plato’s Cave.




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15 responses to “Allegory of the Cerebral Cave

  1. hey, lovely discourse, tight and well produced! thoughtful, thanks!

  2. wesmantoddshaw

    Beautiful language! Obviously we’d all have benefited from having travelled to distant places and spending time in those places while young. Sadly, “the American Dream” precluded most of us from having parents that could or would have done that for “us” and for themselves.

    It is my opinion that the media is the machine that drives both ignorance, and social upheaval; it’s a monopolized group of persons here in the states, ethnically; and their specific goal and strategy seems to be creating social upheaval by financially feeding and supporting both the “Christian right,” and the “logical left” at the same time.

    I might be missing a lot in my attempts to always see the bigger picture, but I’m certain that not watching a television or reading any corporate newspapers has been a blessing for my mind.

  3. Good to see you made it!

    lol…I barely glance at the news anymore. I’d rather spend my time thinking than becoming desensitized via media corporation reality monopoly.

    The bigger pic isn’t going anywhere and it’s not changing much. haha

  4. I’ve tried to leave a comment but it’s like it disappears.. however attempts to repost it result in a “duplicate post” error. This is just a test.

    • …I think I found the issue, it was with my url – possibly. Here it is again:

      Well written man. An entertaining read that gently helps people to realize their inner mechanics, and thus – their mechanical nature, and finally, the somewhat startling realization that they(we) are essentially robots. Of course realizing this is the beginning of becoming our own masters. Becoming our own art projects. The process of rewiring and recoding the programs that dictate our lives becomes a rewarding and healing practice, even if at times painful. But only in so doing are we better able to address the situations that befall us; better able to navigate this bumpy terrain of life.

      Like neurons in a yet greater “mind”, as more and more individuals wake up to these things and become proactive in doing something about them, the “neural networks” of society itself will become reinforced with these new paradigms. Change and evolution will be the natural result, especially thanks to catalysts like yourself.


      • Nice post! If only everyone could see my material like you do. You are definitely on the same wavelength, sir.

        “Like neurons in a yet greater “mind”, as more and more individuals wake up to these things and become proactive in doing something about them, the “neural networks” of society itself will become reinforced with these new paradigms. Change and evolution will be the natural result,”

        Knocked it out of the park! You even caught on to the underlying fabric weaving the ideas together.

        “especially thanks to catalysts like yourself.”

        Thank you, but my pessimism sees a problem.

        Unless everyone has inherent Aeloi capacity for understanding, these ideas are useless.

        • renessa

          evolution is the continuous process of life being journeyed through the physical. our knowledge skills and abilityes have fLEXploded, youth’s leap frog us into the lightyears, the job is near complete, look at you and Aeloi’s minds alone. We are all a cosmic update. Picking up where others have evolved to with the greatest of ease .
          with no grasp of why healing mode has been put on hold. until they deal with the concreted views of people which have been passed on for generations. even day are giving way

  5. “Rather, I feel that social paradigms need agitation.”

    As many before me have stated so eloquently, “fuckin’ A!”

    Tex Shelters

  6. Lummoxie

    “It is my contention that until power is restored to the individual, choice will always elude them.”

    What is power?

    • Power has as many definitions as people that have sought to define it. However, in this case, knowledge and will forge it.

      Hopefully, knowledge will fuel the will. I understand this is unrealistically optimistic, but the world’s masses being bound by fear and apathy is something that should be equally unrealistic. Sadly…it’s not.

  7. Question? Why is change important in the first place. It would seem that change happens anyway. Why is it important that we must change? I ask because of this: not all are born to thought. I realised late in life that honouring others is all they want, and really, is what I would most like to accomplish. If I could do it over, I’d be kinder to everyone. Liberation cannot be important for its own sake, it must make a difference for the better, in the life of the people seeking it.

    • “Why is change important in the first place. It would seem that change happens anyway. Why is it important that we must change?”

      Excellent question.

      I have a friend online who calls himself “Sad Monk.” One might suggest that he is a failure since reaching Nirvana is a seated goal for a Buddhist monk.

      He is sad for the same reasons I am. Compassion. The world breaks my heart with its history and its present condition. I don’t want to discuss war and the ailments of the world, but change is important to me.

      Change is where I direct my vision and energy. Change is possible, but only through each and every one of us…

  8. Recently, I have noticed that my language is less than wholesome and that I have been desensitized to certain things that should be offensive to me.

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