Rythem of the Masses

And the masses sway to the popular song.
It would not matter if the lyricist were wrong.
The authority clasped in the illusion of a vote.

Told you had a voice.
Told you had a choice.

Lies spun of slick truths that miss the identity
of what would be a real case in point.
The aim drawn to fool.
The slight hand ever so faint.
If only one sought to ponder human affairs to date.

An aware public crafts an ominous device where the truth cannot slight.
If everyone closely examined our history there would not be much questioning.
Patterns of human nature course the veins of our evolution.

All the wasted potential following each hope of a spell or applauded saint.
Frozen by worship casting you to the lost and hoping.
At Jesus’ robe you are groping, yet his work told in counsel.

Slow student, you damage our world.
So …the deft leader crafts gods you can hold.
Dumb by the sight, the class taught in vein.
And of the miracles explained away?

Since when did magic make more sense than logical evaluation?
Any good teacher spoke on how to live, not mindless wit to give.
The planets held by forces bound by their own definition –
not Atlas, Zeus, or described in the book of Galations.

God is a comfort – not something that bears explanatory power.
I understand you need to comprehend, however…

I seek and have sought far beyond simple religion.
And I’ve graduated this spiritual kindergarten.

Pushing, pulling….shouting “MINE!”
only hurts the treasure you will find.

Intelligence is the metaphorical tree that will drive you out of the caged garden.

An apple eaten expels the tale.
And it becomes yours to tell.
What a burden to shoulder…

I say – better than a blind man’s somber.


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6 responses to “Rythem of the Masses

  1. Dialogue from this post on Myspace (“Disciplined Blogger”):

    Disciplined Blogger:

    It’s good to ponder for those who believe that nothing can produce something or that something can come from nothing by nothing. Also, no God is a comfort – for some – not something that bears explanatory power.


    Well, “God” is a relative term, DB. Which god are you discussing? Any traditional god must be excused by the same people believe in it. Out of literally billions of people – Not one adherent vouching for a deity can provide one to justify their beliefs. What pains me is all the doubt a person like this is forced to shroud, and name it faith. It’s a lie to me, but I don’t think you’re a liar, DB. Never have. Nor, do I blame you. You’re a product of your culture. I am as well. The difference is that I made the choice to define it, and not let it define me.

    What you term as “nothing” is something that would be more accurately depicted as undefined.

    DB’s Reply:

    Catalyst: “God is a comfort – not something that bears explanatory power.”

    Disciplined Blogger: “Also, no God is a comfort – for some – not something that bears explanatory power.”

    Catalyst: “Well, “God” is a relative term, DB. Which god are you discussing?”

    Disciplined Blogger: Funny that you would ask such a question seeing that you host this discussion and I’ve been replying to your post. Are you saying that no one (out of the billions of people) who believe in a deity can provide evidence for one? If this is true what effect does that have on you? Will you place your trust in a deity if such evidence is provided? Healthy skepticism is healthy (what else would it be), but skepticism becomes unhealthy if one refuses to acquiesce to sound rational evidence if encountered.


    You argue for a specific God, DB. Or else, you argue for all. This is one of the most significant problems with ID. Hence, the point of the satirical development of The Flying Spaghetti Monster.
    Establishing a deity is only one of your problems. Establishing your particular preference among deities is quite another. And yes, if something cannot be shown beyond a reasonable doubt – skepticism is quite healthy. Otherwise, your mind is ripe for the picking. I would assume that you’d like to control what you believe…

    ID cannot hold in a court of law. The futility of it all was shown through a simple counter example. This should have been something people payed more attention to. Yet, it seems they prefer to look away. I do understand the need to do so. Yet, persisting in delusion is most unhealthy, sir. A world that chooses such, is not somewhere I would raise a child.

    • Swoon…
      Also, you may not be having children anytime soon.
      Who authored the poem? I like it.
      I’m hoping you will e-mail me a criticism of my (so far) only blog on FriendBurst, “State Of The Republic Address”.
      Warm regards Catalyst.

      • I wrote the poem. That is how I began writing – writing poems.

        Feel free to link your blog here. I’ll look at it.

        No, I don’t want to raise a child here. I guess we’re always tumbling toward chaos… but, I would want the best for my child. Sadly, we’re not even close.

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